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Steve taught me more in the first lesson than the previous five with another guitar tutor!


Can definitely recommend Steve. He is witty and a brilliant teacher

Mary B:

Steve teaches our 14 year old son. He loves it!

Bob D:

Excellent patient guitar teacher. Simply the best!

Maybe we could learn that song steve?

Steve S.

Yes, you still have to practice of course but SG is very good at getting you to do just that and still enjoy it!

Simply the best!

Barry J:

Nice relaxed sessions, but Steve will push when it's the right time, still fun though!


I have 2 young children and apart from really enjoying my weekly lessons with Steve, it's re energises me for the rest of the week!

And Yes, I am improving week by week


Brilliant! Can recommend Steve without any hesitation.


Excellent teacher (not bad on guitar either!)

You might even recognise him!

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