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learn guitar beginners harrogate and wetherby
Q: What styles of music do you teach?
A: I like to teach various 'styles' of music to my pupils rather than stick to one particular genre, then they have to 'tools' to go in the direction that suits their personality and musical choice.
The sky is the Limit!
Q: Do you teach young children?

A: Yes. Steve is experienced is teaching children from around 10 years old upwards. 

He has passed the NSPCC child protection training course with certification.

Q: Do I need a lot of patience?

A: Not really, just dedication and enough time to practice the 'tasks' that Steve sets you to do. 

45 mins each day can produce amazing results!

Learn guitar Harrogate and ukelele Knaresborough
Q: Am I too old to learn the guitar?

A: You are NEVER too old to learn the guitar!

guitar tutor wetherby and harrogate
Q: Do you teach male and female

A: Absoultely, Men, Women, Boys, Girls of all ages are welcome

Q: How many lessons do I need?
guitar teacher harrogate and starbeck

A: The usual plan is one lesson per week, if you can't make a lesson for some reason, no problem, flexability is as important as regular practice. It is fun!

Q: Do I have to read music?

A: No. You can learn guitar without any musical theory, but Steve can teach you the basics, in a way that you will enjoy and understand which will help you play the guitar and have fun!


steve grant guitar tutor harrogate and wetherby
Q: Why should I choose you?

A: Good question! Because I am friendly, patient, a good sense of humour and very good at what I do!

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